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SDR-Test (Earth-signals) for Radio-Astronomy (2013-06-29):
SDR (software-defined radio) is easy, sound-card (VLF) and/or TV-/radio-USB-stick (LW to 1.5 GHz) plus software, no extra receiver necessary.
DAB-USB-Radio-Stick (20 Euro):


70 cm amateur-radio:

70 cm amateur-radio

70 cm - morse-code (video):

VLF - 3 m copper-wire into mic-input (photo external usb-sound-card):

copper wire antenna


vlf sdr

VLF - night vs. day
Without sun-radiation, our ionosphere rapidly decays and this affects the propagation of radio signals.

vlf sdr night vs- day

A simple wire-antenna works well, but a loop-antenna is good for direction finding and the signals are a little stronger.

vlf loop antenna

Great book:

sun book cover

More about SDR, VLF and Ionosphere:

Simple earthquake sensor: (2013-06-16)
I hot-glued a screw into the center of a speaker. It is sensitive enough to detect cars driving by:

loudspeaker earthquake sensor

A car:

sensor car drive-by

A short video:
Monitoring magnetic fields (2013-06-12)
Monitoring Earth's magnetic field (or something else?)
Interesting earth-data-changes +/- 50..150 nT, so this needs more work.
I know, the sensor-test-app has a typo (Tesslar vs. Tesla)

hall sensor note II

12-hour Boulder-USGS Magnetometer Monitor (A real magnetometer):
I bought magnetic sensors (best resolution 15 nT):

4 magnetic sensors

GPS: Arduino and BeagleBone Black: (2013-06-04)
Arduino + GPS-module
It works! LCD shows: latitude/longitude and utc-time (13:49:25)

arduino gps module

Source code:

arduino gps module source code

GPS and BeagleBone Black
It works!I added UARTs to device-tree (edit, compile and copy) + enabled overlay, because there is no(!) ttyO1... in my Ångström-linux.
More about device-trees: I started "minicom -b 4800 -D /dev/ttyO4" to get some gps-module-data, UTC-time is visible. However, beaglebone black serial UART -> ttyO... is nothing for beginners.

BBB gps module


BBB gps module minicom output

Another Minicom-output:

BBB gps module minicom output

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