ALIZÉE RAIT - Astro-Photography - Stacking



My Nikon P510 is a great camera, I love that super-tele-zoom 1000 mm (35 mm equivalent), but it gets better, add modern software e.g. stacking, super-resolution, hdr, ...
What quality gain can be achieved? Lets see, I cropped two pictures:
- top unprocessed moon-photo (moon just above horizon)
- bottom 50 pictures stacked, super-resolution (3x), wavelets, um and hdr


Large picture
A short bridge-cam-howto for moon:
Take 100+ moon-pictures (10 pictures are a good start), tripod is very important, don't rotate your cam, don't move your tripod. Drag and drop jpeg-photos into autostakkert,
use planet and single-point, analyse and start stacking, that's all.
Top: Crop of a normal P510-jpeg
Bottom: Stacked result (tif).
A little problem: Autostakkert added a white thing (sharpening-artifact).


The fuzzy picture left is my old Saturn photo, the new one is a sr-average of 10 photos.
All photos plain vanilla Nikon 510 + tripod (1000 mm, ISO 100, 1/15s, f/5.9).


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